Henna Art

Henna is a great way to wear a gorgeous temporary tattoo without the life long commitment of ink. Why not be adorned with the exquisite, gracefulness of this ancient art! A unique and memorable addition for hen’s parties, birthdays, festivals or any other special occasion.

What is Henna?

Henna powder comes from the dried, ground-up leaves of the henna plant, Lawsonia Inermis. The powder is then mixed with dextrose, lemon juice and 100% pure essential oils such as lavender, geranium or cajeput. Once the paste is mixed with these ingredients it releases a rich natural dye which temporarily stains the outer layers of the skin.

What will the Henna stain look like?

Fresh natural henna leaves a stain that starts as a light to bright orange colour and over the next 48 hours will darken to varying shades of reddish brown. Real Henna is never black!

How long does Henna last?

This varies dependent on skin type, area applied and how long the paste is left on. The stain can last anywhere from 7-14 days.

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